Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's been a while....

Ok, ok... so I haven't posted in a while. I just figured no one was gonna ever read this thing and it didn't matter.

Anyway... I did run in and finish the Bolder Boulder 10k race back in May. Boy, that was a long time ago now! It was a lot of fun actually and I didn't have any problems running the whole race without stopping.

Otherwise, I found out (kind of) about my first round of Navy applications, and I heard a "no" for my first time around. I am in the process now of trying to get things figured out to reapply, hopefully sooner than later. It has been a fiasco, but hopefully will smooth out soon.

My business is actually getting some more work now, so that is nice. I am offering some new services now too, like 8mm reel to reel transfers, videography services (for events, weddings, corporate stuff, etc.) and will soon be offering the website solutions, just need to get paid a little more first so I can afford to upgrade the software I use for that. Anyone wanna donate? Feel free, I could definitely use the money!

I also was very involved with a new Relay For Life event through the American Cancer Society in East Boulder County. The event went fantastically, I was a Team Captain as well as co-chair of the Logistics Committee. My team had an initial fundraising goal of $1000 and we ended up raising over $2500 (with myself raising over $1000 alone!)! The overall Relay goal was $30,000 and we ended up having over $45,000 raised! The event itself went very smooth, and we had a great turnout. It was fun, even though kinda busy and crazy running around making sure all the logisitcs were ok, but fun.

Other than that, we (my wife and I) went to Carlsbad, CA this summer for my family's annual trip there. We will be heading to Hawaii next, in a week and a half (crazy that came quick!) compliments of my step-mom who just retired and wants to take the family to Hawaii to celebrate.

A scary thing that did happen just recently though, we just found out that my Dad has a heart issue and will need open heart surgery to replace is aortic valve. So everyone, please pray for him! It is very scary and I just hope everything goes ok. It sounds like he will be having the surgery sometime in October maybe. We'll see.

Well, that is it from here for now. If anyone is interested in ridding their homes of toxic products and switching over to high quality, non toxic products for your home, body and health, check out these websites and ask me about how to get signed up! If you are interested, you can even make a home business out of it for yourself! Melaleuca AdvanceYourBiz. Also if anyone is interested in my videography or production services, check out my website and let me know! NTPMemories

Until next time...

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