Thursday, May 7, 2009

Palm Pre

I don't know about anyone else... but being a Sprint customer for a long time (yes I like having their service, in fact I am considered a "white glove" customer, since I have been a upstanding customer for the 10 years I have been with them and now they give me monthly discounts on my plan for no reason except that they like me, cool I think!) I am excited to see a cool phone finally make it's way to Sprint. They have always seemed to lag in the "cool phone" department. The Palm Pre looks awesome to me though, especially being someone that recently jumped into the smartphone/pda phone craze a little over a year ago when I purchased a Palm Centro. The Centro has been a good introduction for me, but all that the Pre seems like it will offer (full touch screen AND a true QWERTY keyboard, AWESOME!) including the touchscreen and keyboard, as well as the WebOS which looks to be an awesome step in the right direction for Palm.

Anyway, I am definitely looking forward to this awesome phone

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