Saturday, August 8, 2009

One (half) week down...

Wow, what a week! Starting the previous Wednesday (July 29th), we had Michelle's Dad and Step-mom come to town to stay with us until Thursday the 6th... we have had a great time with them, lots of games (like Hand and Foot, Carcassonne, Cash Flow, Hearts, Nerts, etc...), they even blessed us with a date night out for Michelle and I (we went out to eat and went to see Harry Potters new movie). That all led up to the crazy week we just had.

Tuesday morning (Duane's, Michelle's dad, birthday), Samuel went in for his surgery. Man, was that a roller coaster of an emotional experience for Michelle and I. It was relatively minor surgery, but he did have to go under with anesthesia for what ended up being 3 hours, although they originally planned and scheduled it for 4 hours - glad it ended early! It looks like everything went as planned, so now we just hope and pray that he heals up well and that everything they did will allow him to have as normal a life as possible without any issues from the surgery.

Wednesday morning, I started my new job, hence the title of this post "One (half) week down..." The first three days progressively got "better", as in I started to slowly get back into work mode as well as get back into construction brain mode. It has been 11 months since I have really been in either of those modes, at an actual job at least, so it takes a little adjustment getting back in to the swing of things. It was an exhausting first week of work though, and I am sure the learning curve will continue. Not too many people have worked on multi-million dollar homes, so I guess I just need to be ok with the fact that it will be a learning curve. I normally like the fact that I learn things quickly, but I just have to accept the fact that some things take more time to learn. The company, especially the people I will be working with, are great so far... and I feel nothing but like a welcome addition to their team. I know I have a lot to prove though, I just pray my focus does not get turned from God and that I don't let the pressure change what I truly desire.

Thursday morning, Michelle left for her business trip, and her Dad went back home at the originally scheduled time they planned on leaving. Thankfully, Marie, Michelle's step-mom, decided to extend until today (Saturday) in order to watch Samuel for us on Thursday and Friday since I was at my new job and Michelle was out of town. That was such a blessing. We cannot thank her enough for doing that. She also seems like she enjoyed the added one-on-one time with her first grand-child though... so hopefully that made it a lot easier for her to stay.

Some other interesting things happened this week, that I might bring up later if anything comes of it... let's just say it added to the crazy week we had... and NO, we are not pregnant again - not yet anyway.

It has been tough to go back to work, knowing that I will only see Samuel for 2 good hours at the most every day... but I know it is what I have to do, and is what most father's do for most of their lives these days. I think it would not be so bad, if I knew Michelle could stay home and be with him... but unfortunately my new job won't allow for that yet. Hopefully soon enough though, that's my prayer anyway.

Well, I figured I should try to keep more up-to-date on this whole blog thing, and start sharing more things like this. Hope you enjoy, and hope I can keep up the bloggin in the future!

Until next time...

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ElizabethH said...

PTL for your job, for a successful surgery, & for Michelle's stepmom's extended visit!