Monday, February 1, 2010

Strength Finding

As part of the Desert Star process when I was hired to work here, the owner gave me a copy of the book StrengthsFinder 2.0 in order to take the online assessment that comes with the book - this assessment points out your top 5 strengths. I have taken several of these types of self-assessments before, but I have to admit that I feel like this was one of the more enlightening assessments for me... what I learned from it I continue to understand more ever since I took it. Below are my top five strengths, if you know me feel free to let me know what you think, heck feel free to share your own!

1. Responsibility

By nature, you conduct yourself in an exceptionally mature and orderly fashion even when your teammates, classmates, friends, coworkers, and colleagues are acting childish. It’s very likely that you are hardwired to do exactly what you said you would do. Your word is your bond. You are likely to earn the respect of many people. You even win over those who have a hard time trusting anyone. Why? You rarely disappoint them. Chances are good that you may wish to have a broader range of control and accountability on the job or in your personal life. Instinctively, you are quite comfortable being honest about yourself with others. You harbor very few illusions about who you really are. Furthermore, you can openly acknowledge your mistakes and shortcomings. This is apt to distinguish you from most people. Driven by your talents, you possess an inner drive to attain your high standards of excellence. Satisfying work and a passion for accountability fuel your zeal to do things very carefully. You want others to view you and your work favorably.

2. Belief

By nature, you place more importance on the purpose and value of what you do than on the monetary rewards that accompany success. Chances are good that you may be impelled to change the world for the better one person at a time. Perhaps you do this by assuring people you think well of them. Sometimes you remind individuals about their depth of knowledge, talent, and/or skills. Driven by your talents, you may have defined some principles that set the tone for certain aspects of your life. Sometimes they influence your behavior. Sometimes they reflect who or what is most important to you. Sometimes they guide your decision-making. Specific individuals who live, work, or study with you might be able to predict what you will say or do in particular situations. Instinctively, you are naturally inclined to make sacrifices that benefit someone else. You enjoy being generous with your time, knowledge, skills, experiences, resources, or possessions. Because of your strengths, you try to be helpful to others in ways that may improve their lives. Perhaps you hope to leave the world in better shape than you found it.

3. Context

It’s very likely that you are quite intrigued by history’s significant events and people. Information about global conflicts fascinates you. Instinctively, you routinely gather historical facts or artifacts — that is, pictures, tools, books, artwork, correspondence, or documents. You often wait to determine whether this information is useful. Your interest in history probably has no purpose other than to answer your own questions. You are simply intrigued by the past and its people. The future starts to take shape in your mind as soon as you begin to rummage through your collection of historic truths and objects. By nature, you create a vision of the future by unraveling what happened in the past. You strive to understand the what, when, who, where, how, and why of events. You are determined to create a framework of facts so you can put things in perspective. Chances are good that you sometimes research historic events to understand their impact on today’s people or events. Maybe knowing what occurred in bygone days helps you make sense of current conditions or the behavior of certain individuals. Because of your strengths, you are a history buff — that is, someone ardently devoted to studying the past. You are especially drawn to firsthand accounts of global conflicts. You link people to events and trace timelines. You are likely to examine major battles from the perspective of foes and allies as well as neutral parties. The sum of your findings probably allows you to determine what started and eventually ended each war.

4. Analytical

Chances are good that you enjoy conversations with people who think deeply about things and are willing to express their views. Customarily, your high level of reasoning adds value to group discussions. You often bring to these sessions a level of reasoning that most individuals are apt to appreciate. Instinctively, you try to collect pertinent and precise data. You may refuse to stop searching until you find accurate facts. You might collect information that is relevant to your life, your work, or your studies. It’s very likely that you may be the team member who conducts thorough investigations to collect accurate details, facts, or data. Driven by your talents, you rely on reason to make sense of facts, events, people’s behavior, problems, or solutions. You consistently outmaneuver others when comparisons are being made between your results and theirs. Because of your strengths, you may bring a logical perspective to your team’s tasks or to work in general. Perhaps you break down projects into small parts. Sometimes you determine the importance and urgency of each step. You might decide what must be done first, second, or third. You might waste little time getting started once your plan is finalized.

5. Individualization

By nature, you may have an ability to watch people or determine with some degree of accuracy what makes one unique, distinct, or special. Perhaps certain talents, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, moods, or motivations attract your attention when you observe others’ actions or listen to their words. Chances are good that you might like to partner with the same people over and over again. When you spend more time with certain teammates, maybe it is easier to pinpoint the unique strengths, interests, work styles, preferred forms of praise, or changing moods of each one. Because of your strengths, you provide clarity that helps people know what is wrong and/or what is not working well. Driven by your talents, you may have a gift for noticing the differences between people. You might think variety is a good thing, not a bad thing. You might help individuals from diverse backgrounds discover ways they can cooperate so the team succeeds. It’s very likely that you enhance your own quality of life each time you reach out to someone in need of assistance.

Going through this process has really helped me to look at where I am and what I am doing in my life - not just for my job, but in general. I feel that it has given me a good perspective on where to focus in order to be the best I can be, in order to let God's glory shine through me the way He created me. After all, that is my ultimate desire, to glorify Him to the fullest extent He made me to be able to.

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